another thing broken on the lantern

I was giving the lantern it’s weekly workout last night and the bloody knob on the pump cracked and broke off. I’m getting really sick of things breaking on this thing. *sigh* More reason to get my pressure gauge and valve assembly fitted and working. I wonder if I can find an engineer localy who could just do the tapping for me?

The Content Revolution: When It’s More Expensive To Evaluate Than Release

There is an interesting article here that talks about how the content revolution is really changing the way things are done in the music industry (or will do at least). The basic point is that music publishers are working on a model where releasing a song is very expensive, so it pays to have good evaluation as to weather it will do well before releasing it, the only problem is that it is now so cheap to release a song that its better just to release everything. Anyway, the article explains it much better than I did.

Web stats

I now have some stats of my site…. its interesting to see that somehow my site appears to be being read from outside my close knitt friends.

Led Zeppelin

A few months ago we rented The School of Rock on DVD and watched it. I have to say it was a pretty good movie and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of my love for rock’n’roll music. One of the key bands they talk about was Led Zeppelin so since then I have been listening to them quite a lot in the car and I have really been rediscovering them. What a great sound they had, with the growling guitar, the smooth baselines that walk all over the place and Robert Plant’s fantastic vocal.

I’ll give them 5 stars (*****) for still being so fantastic today, and not sounding dated at all imho.

bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth headsets are potentialy a good thing, but right now they are so stupid looking. I’ll gladly use one when I’m on the phone, but I won’t wear it if I’m not on the phone….. why do some people just wander around wearing the things? Very odd.