Indenting of comments in emacs-lisp mode

Emacs-lisp mode indents comments based on the number of semi-colons prefixing them. One semi-colon indents to column 40. Two semi-colons indent to the same level as the block you are in. Three semi-colons indent to wherever you place it and don’t move if you press <TAB> ;;; column: ;;;34567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 ; one semi-colon (when (some case) […]

Expadirk: a hack to split PDFs and email based on instructions within

Sune Vuorela wrote a post asking people to make sure their private hacks become public. That inspired me to publish Expadirk. Expadirk is my solution to my accounting software provider requiring me to purchase yet more proprietary software in order to send statements, purchase orders and invoices by email. The accounting package has a way of outputting print […]