perspex bridge building contest

Bridge building using perspex (probably cut using a laser cutter) You could make the rules very simple: use 1.5mm perspex, must span at least 50cm and best weight to strength ratio wins or something

Open Source Toys

Plans made freely available for some toys, like say a toy crane. Then you can build it yourself or buy a premade one, and when child breaks toy, you can either make or buy the replacement parts for it to repair it.

washing machine with washing powder dispenser

Today’s idea. Why don’t washing machines have big resevoirs for washing liquid or powder, fabric softner and whitner/bleach? You would fill it up and then the washing machine would automatically dispense the various washing liquids or powders into the wash. no more messing around with all those cartons of washing powder, bottles of softner and… Continue reading washing machine with washing powder dispenser