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  • Command Option R on a Windows keyboard

    Today I had to do an OS X internet recovery but I only had a Windows keyboard. Normally the keyboard combination to launch the Internet Recovery on Macs is Cmd+Option+R but I couldn’t find the right combination on the Windows keyboard. After much googling and experimenting, it turns out its Windows+Alt+R

  • Launch emacs from cygwin

    Launch emacs from cygwin

    I have written about about using emacs in cygwin and how to launch emacs from cygwin, but I had some problems with the batch file approach in that emacs’ path differ from bash’s. Then ack fails to work from within emacs which makes me sad. After googling around a bit, I saw a few suggestion that trie to fix the […]

  • Printing from Windows to a samba shared CUPS-PDF printer sometimes fails

    Printing from Windows to a samba shared CUPS-PDF printer sometimes fails

    I had this problem where prints to our CUPS-PDF printer sometimes failed to be processed on the server. The job would disappear as though it has been printed but nothing else would happen. Printing from the same application to a Windows based PDF printer, and then printing the resulting PDF via Adobe Acrobat to the […]

  • Windows 7 Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver

    Microsoft have made it virtually impossible to find out how to get this driver for Windows 7. If you are getting the error “You must first install the current version of the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver”, you need to download this driver and install it. Tthe file you are after is called VFPODBC.msi and can be downloaded directly from Microsoft […]

  • How to make a bootable usb stick in Windows 7 of a debian iso

    Every so often I need to make a bootable USB stick in Windows 7 (64 bit) of a debian installer iso. For some reason my googling usually does not reveal a simple solution for this. I asked on #debian on the OFTC network and got various suggestions. The first suggestions were to use win32 compiled […]

  • installing emacs in cygwin

    Update: See my other post, launching emacs from cygwin There are a few tricks to installing emacs in cygwin. Here’s what I do. Installing cygwin First, install cygwin. Then, install the very nice tool apt-cyg which makes package management much easier in cygwin. Then to save yourself lots of agony of trying to work out […]

  • Flipping the mouse wheel scroll direction in Windows 7

    I have been getting very confused between the mouse wheel scroll directions in Windows 7 and Mac OS X Lion. As I consider OS X to be the future, I decided to try and flip the mouse wheel scroll direction in Windows. Turns out there is a registry setting to do this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\HID\????\????\Device Parameters Set […]

  • lookup smb windows hostnames from the command prompt in linux

    There is this cool way of being able to lookup windows hostnames in linux. Ie so you can ping mywindowshostname and it will just find the ip and ping it. All you have to do is edit the line in /etc/nsswitch.conf: from hosts: files dns to hosts: files dns wins and install the winbind service. […]

  • locate for windows

    I have tried a number for desktop search programs like google desktop search and copernic, but none of them were any good for finding files and thats precicely what I wanted to use them for. I just found this great app, locate for win32. It does exactly what I was looking for. Get it here.