Launch emacs from cygwin

Cygwin Heart Emacs

I have written about about using emacs in cygwin and how to launch emacs from cygwin, but I had some problems with the batch file approach in that emacs’ path differ from bash’s. Then ack fails to work from within emacs which makes me sad. After googling around a bit, I saw a few suggestion that trie to fix the… Continue reading Launch emacs from cygwin

Launching cygwin emacs from native win32 programs

My business’s accounting program, which I’ll call Canopus, has issues. One of which is that it assumes wordpad.exe will be in c:\windows. As far as I know, Microsoft moved wordpad.exe’s default location away from c:\windows about 20 years ago. Canopus live in hope that it will be there so installing Canopus always requires one to… Continue reading Launching cygwin emacs from native win32 programs