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  • Project Euler No. 2 in Emacs elisp

    My second Project Euler solution. Project Euler No. 2 This was a little tougher to solve than No. 1. I decided to use recursion to solve it, and as I haven’t had to write anything that used recursion since I was at Uni, it took me a while go remember how to do it. Also, […]

  • Indenting of comments in emacs-lisp mode

    Emacs-lisp mode indents comments based on the number of semi-colons prefixing them. One semi-colon indents to column 40. Two semi-colons indent to the same level as the block you are in. Three semi-colons indent to wherever you place it and don’t move if you press <TAB> ;;; column: ;;;34567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 ; one semi-colon (when (some case) […]