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  • FreeTDS is a bag of razorblades use, Microsoft ODBC Driver for Linux instead

    According to @mst FreeTDS is a bag of razorblades. That’s right folks, don’t use it. The new way to go is Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server on Linux. Unfortunately its a nightmare to install on debian. Luckily some very smart people wrote a lovely little howto: Install and Configure the MS ODBC Driver on…

  • Install perl modules automatically using lib::xi

    So you’ve downloaded a really cool perl script but it has 200 module dependencies? You could just install them one by one with cpanm or, you could use lib::xi. It automatically installs modules your perl script uses. # to install missing libaries automatically $ perl -Mlib::xi script.pl

  • Expadirk: a hack to split PDFs and email based on instructions within

    Sune Vuorela wrote a post asking people to make sure their private hacks become public. That inspired me to publish Expadirk. Expadirk is my solution to my accounting software provider requiring me to purchase yet more proprietary software in order to send statements, purchase orders and invoices by email. The accounting package has a way of outputting print…