Trip to the islands

On Saturday we went on a trip to the islands off Tripoli. I was a little aprehensive of being stuck on an island but I have to say, it was great. We were supposed to head off early in the morning, but 10 o’clock turned into 11, which turned into 12 and we finaly left… Continue reading Trip to the islands

Land of contrast

I have to say, that Lebanon is a land of contrasts. I read that in the Lonely Planet guide and its really true. Mountains by sea, rich next to poor, expensive cars driving beside the most claped out car you have ever seen. Its all here, and compressed into a tiny space. Beirut is bustling… Continue reading Land of contrast

We’re off tomorow.

Well, its about 12:34 am, and Maissa and I have just finished packing and sorting stuff out for our trip. It’s been a nerve racking time, sorting out the tickets and planning this trip. We almost gave up on it but at the last moment, our travel agent came through with the goods and got… Continue reading We’re off tomorow.