When in Lebanon, do like the Lebanese

It’s interesting to see the different cultures of different people, and those cultures change and you move around the globe. As we came in to land at Beirut airport, as soon as the wheels touched the ground, about 10 people stood up and started queuing in the isle ready to disembark. The steward was strenuously telling them to sit down and wait till we came to a halt, but they just made out like they were deaf and couldn’t hear him. In the end he had to get up and tell each one, individualy to go and sit down. The contrast between that and landing in Bahrain was quite striking, even though it was the same people on the plane, there was no unrullyness as we came in there.
In the Beirut airport, there were many signs and audible announcements stating it was no smoking, but as soon as we got to the table to fill in our customs form, these two guys (who were not from lebanon) started smoking! Maissa gave them an earful but they just said sorry, and carried on. It seems when in Lebanon, do like the Lebanes.







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