Another Cocolo sighting

Another Cocolo sighting. This time at The Epoch Times. The guys there wrote a nice little article about Cocolo chocolate and Fairtrade.

More on the antenna

I was fiddling around wondering how on earth I was going to build myself a notch filter to filter out or reduce the signal strength on ABC when I discovered something miraculous. If I unplug the antenna from the DVB cards, just leaving the patch lead, and plug in the attenuator I bought from Jaycar,… Continue reading More on the antenna

MythTV reception woes

So we decided to go the Mythtv route. I bought an AMD Sempron based computer to use as the server and the front end. I used very standard components which I researched to ensure they would all work with linux, and after a few teething troubles due to a stupid supplier who couldn’t even be… Continue reading MythTV reception woes

Health benefits of chocolate

While researching chocolate, I came across a few articles about the health benefits of chocolate. It turns out that it may lower blood pressure, and it might also be good at stopping persistant coughs.

Cocolo mentions

Recently, my loved one discovered that there are a few mentions of Cocolo on various blogs around the internet. Anthony George talks about using Cocolo milk chocolate in his chocolate mousse over at spiceblog. Daniel Bowen talks about organic fairtrade chocolate and someone commented about Cocolo in the comments. There was also a mention on… Continue reading Cocolo mentions