Cocolo mentions

Recently, my loved one discovered that there are a few mentions of Cocolo on various blogs around the internet.
Anthony George talks about using Cocolo milk chocolate in his chocolate mousse over at spiceblog.
Daniel Bowen talks about organic fairtrade chocolate and someone commented about Cocolo in the comments.
There was also a mention on Melbourne Indy Media about Cocolo being an organic Fairtrade chocolate.
It’s really great to see it getting a few mentions especially when all we have really done is put the product out there and these people have noticed it and commented on it.
In fact, in August, there should be quite a few mentions of Cocolo in the press as we have been doing quite a bit of PR work on it. I’ll add any more links I discover here.


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  1. You’re welcome, your chocolate is great. I feel a bit guilty I didn’t do a better job with the mousse. Next time. Keep up the good work.

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