perspex bridge building contest

Bridge building using perspex (probably cut using a laser cutter) You could make the rules very simple: use 1.5mm perspex, must span at least 50cm and best weight to strength ratio wins or something

Open Source Toys

Plans made freely available for some toys, like say a toy crane. Then you can build it yourself or buy a premade one, and when child breaks toy, you can either make or buy the replacement parts for it to repair it.

bigcommerce support failure

I recently wanted to customise my bigcommerce site with some custom fields. Unfortunately support was unable to help me with this request. Apparantly what I want to do is possible, but it is secret and bigcommerce will not divulge this information. I discussed it in a chat session with bigcommerce support. Transcript follows: 12:58Jason Lewis:┬áhi… Continue reading bigcommerce support failure