bigcommerce support failure

I recently wanted to customise my bigcommerce site with some custom fields. Unfortunately support was unable to help me with this request.
Apparantly what I want to do is possible, but it is secret and bigcommerce will not divulge this information. I discussed it in a chat session with bigcommerce support. Transcript follows:

12:58Jason Lewis: hi
12:58Jason Lewis: hi ken
12:59Jason Lewis: on my homepage:
12:59Ken Suarez: hi
12:59Ken Suarez: you can display them by using custom codes
12:59Ken Suarez: so you need to develop a code that will handle that functionality
12:59Ken Suarez: we do not have that in our interface
12:59Ken Suarez: once you add the field then it will automatically added to the group of fields
12:59Jason Lewis: see how the featured product, “wonderfully uplifting…”
13:00Ken Suarez: address to be spcific
13:00Jason Lewis: um
13:00Jason Lewis: but …. can you give me an example of the code i would need to display one specific custom field?
13:01Ken Suarez: <input type=”text”>
13:01Ken Suarez: that stuff
13:01Ken Suarez: sorry we are not trained for scripting
13:01Jason Lewis: so you are saying it is possible to display one custom field, but you don;t know the code to do it?
13:03Ken Suarez: i know how to code it but we do not support customization/scripting here
13:03Ken Suarez: its in the support policy
13:03Ken Suarez: you might want to check
13:04Jason Lewis: so how do i find out that information if you won’t tell me?
13:04Jason Lewis: can you show me a BC site that does has that customisation?
13:04Jason Lewis: i this information secret or something?
13:05Ken Suarez: well you need to have html/css knowledge to do that
13:05Jason Lewis: ok, i have html and css knowledge, now what?
13:06Ken Suarez: then you need to start developing the code then
13:06Ken Suarez: thats all you need
13:06Jason Lewis: is there a more senior support person I can talk to please?
13:07Ken Suarez: most scripting issues are posted there
13:07Jason Lewis: posted where?
13:08Ken Suarez:
13:08Jason Lewis: can you point me to a forum post with the answer at least? I have searched the forums myself and found several people asking this question but there are no replies with information on how to do it
13:08Ken Suarez: the reason why i let you post so you will get answer
13:09Ken Suarez: the answer is not there yet
13:09Jason Lewis: ok
13:09Ken Suarez: thats why you need to post for other developers or coders can help and assist you with scripting
13:10Jason Lewis: so this is a totally undocumented feature then?
13:10Ken Suarez: yes sir, as what i’ve mentioned earlier we do not support scripting/customization
13:12Jason Lewis: but it is possible, you just won’t tell me how?
13:12Ken Suarez: is it that hard to understand that we do not support scripting?
13:12Ken Suarez: yes it is possible and know how to code it
13:13Ken Suarez: we just dont give support here as not everybody knows scripting
13:13Jason Lewis: i just wanted to confirm that it was in fact possible
13:13Ken Suarez: i already informed you that it is possible
13:14Jason Lewis: i was just double checking
13:14Ken Suarez: not sure which part i did say that it isnt
13:14Ken Suarez: double checking if it is possible?
13:14Ken Suarez: ah ok
13:14Jason Lewis: I was double checking that I had understood you correctly that it was possible to do
13:15Ken Suarez: i did confirm already on the very first chat that its possible the issue is we cannot further support customization
13:16Jason Lewis: ok, message received and understood

I am very disappointed in this attitude bigcommerce too in dealing with this request. I don’t quite understand why they are being so secretive about it.







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