Vladimir Lasky’s Essential WordPress Plugins for Security

Vladimir Lasky gave a very interesting talk about wordpress security at WordCamp Sydney 2012. In it he listed his essential plugins for a secure wordpress site. The plugins are: Login Security Solution Semisecure Login Reimagined WordPress File Monitor Plus WordPress Firewall 2 Admin renamer extended wordpress-table-rename WordPress HTTPS (SSL)

ido-mode in emacs has this great feature where it remembers old buffers you have had open in the past and offers then as choices when switching buffer using C-x b. The problem is that sometimes it will have names in the list you’d rather it didn’t remember. The solution is easy, simply hit C-k to instantly kill the entry under point.

For some reason I never thought to search for this before. It turns out, if you CMD+double click on a web link in Terminal.app it opens the link in your browser. Very handy. CMD+Shift+double click for OSs older than Lion.

Delete white space around insertion point in emacs

A while ago I discovered M-\ deletes white space between point and text. Now I just discovered M-spc replaces tabs and spaces around point with just 1 space. M-SPC runs the command just-one-space, which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `simple.el’. It is bound to M-SPC. (just-one-space &optional N) Delete all spaces and tabs… Continue reading Delete white space around insertion point in emacs

openscad is cool

UPDATE: You might also be interested in my list of programmatic CAD tools. Brendan introduced me to openscad while we were at the hacker space last night. I really like it and I can’t believe I didn’t try this tool out before. You essentially write your solid design in a programming language. Its simple to… Continue reading openscad is cool