gnus, imap and gnutls in win32

I’ve been trying to get gnus working in emacs in win32 for the past few days. There were a number of obstacles to overcome:

  1. Install gnutls
  2. The gnus README.w32 says gnutls should be installed and in the path. I found that it must be in the windows system path to make it work. Setting the path within emacs was not good enough. So add C:\Program Files (x86)\gnutls\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\gnutls\lib to your system path by going to Start/Edit System Environment Variables then click Environment Variables and edit Path in System Variables
  3. you need to edit the emacs variable gnutls-trustfiles to point to windows paths to .crt files. by default it had paths to unix locations. The only way I could find to get these files was to install cygwin and then make gnutls-trustfiles equal to ("C:/cygwin/usr/ssl/certs/" "C:/cygwin/usr/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt")

Unfortunately these last two steps were not obvious to me and it took me quite some time to work through them.
Tip: if you need to debug gnutls, try setting (setq gnutls-log-level 50).
Now all I need to do is learn gnus!


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  1. This post has been extremely helpful and saved me many hours of pain. Thank you! It seems like it’s taking me days and days to get my Emacs setup replicated on Windows. However, once it’s all done, the OS will recede to its rightful role as a portable bootloader for Emacs. 🙂

    • Hi, Can you give a detail configuration of the gnus for gmail? I spent months of time to try to make it work properly, but I never make it. Such as, i unzip the gnutls and move it to a accessible path and let windows can search for it. Then i am confused to edit gnutls-trustfiles, can you give me some hint?

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