Our heated towel rail’s brackets broke from old ages recently. After investigating getting a new towel rail and finding out they were quite expensive, I decided to try and design and 3D print new brackets for it.

The first cut of the design turned out to have too little space for the nuts. A second draft with a little more space and it worked perfectly.

The top left of the above image shows the broken parts and the bottom center shows 2 of the 3d printed replacement parts.
3D Printed bracket holding the heated towelrail

Update 2016-03-26

Someone emailed me mentioning that their “Posh” heated towel rail had the same problem. A bit of googling around revealed a link a Goldair Towel Rail Bracket and Strap kit that looks like it contains the same straps as mine. This might help others find the relevant parts. Goldair have an Australian site too but it makes no mention of the strap kits.

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  1. great use of 3d printing đŸ™‚

    I would guess the longevity won’t be so great, but doesn’t matter… just print another one!

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