Category: Making things

  • I made a braided cord bracelet

    I made a braided cord bracelet. Cordage came from Decathelon Instructions thanks to the WhyKnot YouTube Channel

  • I made a ukulele tuner web app

    I got sick of all the ukulele tuner apps so I decided to make my own. The best ukulele tuner app I’ve found on the iPhone works by repeatedly playing the note you are tuning to rather than trying to analyse the audio and display the frequency of the note it detects. The human ear…

  • Finished my workbench!

    I finished my workbench. It took me about 12 months and a broken toe to do it. Very happy with the result but now I need to fit the vice. I copied Paul Sellers’ design from his YouTube videos. In fact his videos inspired me to get into woodworking to start with.

  • Origami Octahemioctahedron

    I made an Octahemioctahedron  from John Montroll’s book A Plethora of Polyhedra in Origami

  • A Square Troublewit

    I made an origami square troublewit.

  • Origami sunken octahedron

    Origami sunken octahedron

    Another John Montroll model, this time from A Plethora of Polyhedra. A sunken octahedron.

  • Origami platonic solids

    I’ve been making some of these platonic solids in origami. Thanks to John Montroll’s books From left to right. A tetrahedron, a cube and an octahedron.

  • Poor man’s router with wedge fail

    Poor man’s router with wedge fail

    I tried making a Paul Seller’s style Poor Man’s Router plane. It worked quite well but I couldn’t get the chisel’s blade edge to be really perpendicular to the surface of the wood. As an alternative I thought I’d try cutting a slot into the piece of timber and making a wedge to fit it…

  • Workbench progress

    Workbench progress


  • Clock Part 3

    Clock Part 3

    I finally finished the outer case of my clock. Only 19 layers of 3mm acrylic stacked on top of each other. I built a finger slot into the back of the clock so it’s easier to carry, but also to house the barrel jack for mounting the clock flush to the wall, allowong me to hide…