Clock Part 3

Finally finished the clock case.

I finally finished the outer case of my clock. Only 19 layers of 3mm acrylic stacked on top of each other. I built a finger slot into the back of the clock so it’s easier to carry, but also to house the barrel jack for mounting the clock flush to the wall, allowong me to hide… Continue reading Clock Part 3

Clock Part 2

Previously… A bit more progress on my clock. I installed the dirty pink gel filter to increase the contrast ratio of the 7 segment displays, and started cutting the final case out of red 101 acrylic. Lots of laminations.  

Launch emacs from cygwin

Cygwin Heart Emacs

I have written about about using emacs in cygwin and how to launch emacs from cygwin, but I had some problems with the batch file approach in that emacs’ path differ from bash’s. Then ack fails to work from within emacs which makes me sad. After googling around a bit, I saw a few suggestion that trie to fix the… Continue reading Launch emacs from cygwin