Origami platonic solids

I’ve been making some of these platonic solids in origami. Thanks to John Montroll’s books

From left to right. A tetrahedron, a cube and an octahedron.

Poor man’s router with wedge fail

chisel held into a block of wood with a wedge

I tried making a Paul Seller’s style Poor Man’s Router plane. It worked quite well but I couldn’t get the chisel’s blade edge to be really perpendicular to the surface of the wood. As an alternative I thought I’d try cutting a slot into the piece of timber and making a wedge to fit it to hold the chisel in place.


As much as I tried I couldn’t get the wedge to hold the chisel firmly enough that it wouldn’t slide up once I started cutting into wood with it. I think this was partly to do with it being a bevel edge chisel. This meant there was less surface area in contact with the wood, so less friction and easier to slip.

I might try making a hardwood wedge for it. I also need to try a firmer chisel instead of a bevel edge one. The extra surface area might be enough to hold it.

Workbench progress

pine board with pine leg held in with wedge
Test fitting the wedge that secures the leg to the skirt
pine leg held into pine skirt with wedge and retainer holding wede in place
Wedge retainer fitted
two sets of pine legs held up with a pine skirt between them
At last the bench self supports with the fitting of the first skirt
thick pine workbench tops resting on the pine leg struts
Workbench tops resting on the leg struts