• bluetooth headsets

    Bluetooth headsets are potentialy a good thing, but right now they are so stupid looking. I’ll gladly use one when I’m on the phone, but I won’t wear it if I’m not on the phone….. why do some people just wander around wearing the things? Very odd.

  • An Introduction to Buddhism

    An Introduction to Buddhism may also be of interest for those seeking enlightenment.

  • Monkey and Buddha

    I’m not quite sure why, but I had this urge to watch Monkey Magic. I was watching episode one when the narator was talking about some of Buddha’s teachings. I stumbled uppon this site that I found interesting.

  • Contact Management

    I don’t know why, but the range of contact management software that is available is crap imho. As far as I know, there is Act!, Maximizer and Goldmine at the bottom end of the spectrum. For one, none of them integrate with IMAP servers. Act! doesn’t even work as a relational database for gods sake,…

  • sleep

    I think last night was the first night I really slept right through the night since I got back from over seas. I felt very refreshed this morning.

  • 400Gb hard drives!

    I was amazed to discover that you can now buy 0.4Tb hard disk drives. How much longer before we start measuring hard disk drives by the terabyte?

  • Italian Sausages

    Yesterday we ventured to Haberfield. For those in the dark, Haberfield is the real little Italy of Sydney. I know you can find all the glitzy expensive Italian restaurants in Leichard, but real Italians do their shopping in Haberfield. My original plan was to get up early and head down there on my own or…

  • Tomatoes

    I’m not sure where I got this desire from, but since we got back from over seas, I have had the urge to grow tomatoes on our balcony. So today, we went to the hardware shop and bought the necessary equipment and a grafted tomato plant. Apparantly, the grafted ones are much better. It’s a…

  • Lantern is still broken

    Last night I tried to start up the lantern to show Ed, but once the blow torch was going, and heating up the vaporiser, the cracks in the glass just started to get bigger. I didn’t think it was safe to proceed so I turned off the blowtorch. I’ll be going to the lantern supply…

  • Working pressure lantern

    This is a photo of the lantern working.

Got any book recommendations?