• Grem’s reviews

    Another sighting of Cocolo. This time Grem gave it the thumbs up.

  • Health benefits of chocolate

    While researching chocolate, I came across a few articles about the health benefits of chocolate. It turns out that it may lower blood pressure, and it might also be good at stopping persistant coughs.

  • Cocolo mentions

    Recently, my loved one discovered that there are a few mentions of Cocolo on various blogs around the internet. Anthony George talks about using Cocolo milk chocolate in his chocolate mousse over at spiceblog. Daniel Bowen talks about organic fairtrade chocolate and someone commented about Cocolo in the comments. There was also a mention on…

  • searching for selected text in Thunderbird

    I found I often want to search for text in emails. I found this nice little plugin called conquery that lets you do many things among which is search google for the selected text. Works beautifuly.

  • The Blues Story

    First episode of the blues story. Enjoy

  • Amazon Wishlist

    I have created a wishlist of books I want on Amazon. Not that I want them from Amazon, just that its a good way of making a list of books that I want. I mainly did this so my fans have a way of buying me something if they feel so inclinded. No, actually I…

  • locate for windows

    I have tried a number for desktop search programs like google desktop search and copernic, but none of them were any good for finding files and thats precicely what I wanted to use them for. I just found this great app, locate for win32. It does exactly what I was looking for. Get it here.

  • Anzac Day post

    Well, here I am at the end of a long weekend, the Anzac long weekend to be more accurate. we did a number of things this weekend. Probably the highlight was seeing The Cat Empire. I had heard of them before and Maissa saw them at Womad a few years ago and had been raving…

  • crane carnage

    This is what happens when you don’t do your sums properly when using a crane.

  • google desktop search

    Google desktop search only works in IE at the moment. Go here to request that they add firefox support.

Got any book recommendations?