• How to create debian init.d startup script

    How to create debian init.d startup script

    From time to time I need to create an init.d startup script for a program that is not part of the default debian distribution. I’ve always found it unnecessarily fiddly to create a new script. The other day I came across naholyr’s gist, a script to make init.d scripts. There were a few problems with…

  • Progress on my clock

    Progress on my clock

    I finally wired up the big LEDs and made an acrylic mounting board for all the parts. I laser cut holes in the board and tapped them with an M3 tap. That allowed me to mount the circuit boards directly to the mounting board. I used Dupont connectors to wire everything up which gives a…

  • How to factory reset a Yealink phone

    If you ever need to do a factory reset on a Yealink phone, maybe if you forgot the admin password, simply hold the OK key down for 10 seconds and follow the prompts. Thanks to Langineers for that tip.

  • Set group permissions for whole subdirectory with ACLs

    Set group permissions for whole subdirectory with ACLs

    Sometimes you want to preserve file permissions under subdirectories in linux with ACLs but that’s not the whole story. If you want multiple users to be able to read and write to these files, and the group permissions to stay correct, you need to set ACLs and also group +s on the subdirectories. This is…

  • LED Clock Project

    LED Clock Project

    For a long time I have wanted a bedside clock that would keep accurate time via some external mechanism, and would take care of daylight savings automatically. I eventually decided that the best approach would be to use a wifi enabled device and use the NTP protocol for keeping the time accurate. After wasting several…

  • My uranium mug is not radioactive

    My uranium mug is not radioactive

    My new uranium mug isn’t radioactive

  • Pull a backup from a remote host with ssh and tar

    Sometimes you might need to copy a whole directory from a remote host, but the remote host does not have enough space to tar the whole thing up and then sftp it off. The solution is to tar/bzip the directory and stream it directly to your local host: ssh root@remotehost ‘tar cjf – /path/to/somedirectory’ |…

  • HP MediaSmart IR Remote for MythTV

    HP MediaSmart IR Remote for MythTV

    I’ve been on a quest to find a good remote for MythTV. My first try was with a Logitech Harmony. Those things are nasty horrible pieces of crap. I’d never touch one again. Programming it is a nightmare. It does not have a generic PVR option so you have to fake it to make it…

  • Tips on installing FreeSWITCH and FusionPBX in debian

    I’ve been testing out FreeSWITCH and FusionPBX. I found it non trivial to install in debian. Here are my tips for installing. Don’t bother with the install script. I found it to be broken. And when it breaks during install, it leaves you in a state that’s very hard to understand and fix. In the…

  • Proxy Dashing Dashboard behind Apache with SSL

    I needed to allow access to my Dashing dashboard over ssl from the Internet.  I decided to proxy it behind Apache and get Apache to do all the SSL heavy lifting, mainly because I couldn’t work out if and how you could enable SSL within Dashing itself. It turned out to be quite simple to…

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