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  • Howto quickly find your Beaglebone Black’s IP address

    Howto quickly find your Beaglebone Black’s IP address

    Whenever I connect my Beaglebone Black (BBB) to a network, I have to work out it’s IP address so I can ssh into it. This can be tricky. Some of your options are: connect to the serial terminal, or connect over the usb network interface which gives the BBB the address, log in and…

  • Backup your Beaglebone Black

    Backup your Beaglebone Black

    Using a method I previously wrote about, it’s quite easy to backup your Beaglebone Black over the network. ssh root@bbb ‘tar cf – / 2>/dev/null’ | pv -cN tar \ | bzip2 | pv -cN bzip2 > bbb-backup-tar.bz2 It runs the bzip compression locally because presumably it will be faster than on the Beaglebone Black.…

  • LED Clock Project

    LED Clock Project

    For a long time I have wanted a bedside clock that would keep accurate time via some external mechanism, and would take care of daylight savings automatically. I eventually decided that the best approach would be to use a wifi enabled device and use the NTP protocol for keeping the time accurate. After wasting several…