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  • Uniquify your Buffer Names in emacs with use-package

    Recently I have been working on projects that often have multiple files of the same name. By default emacs doesn’t give much information to help you switch between the buffers of open files of the same name. At the same moment that I was thinking I need to find a solution to this Pragmatic Emacs posted…

  • installing emacs in cygwin

    Update: See my other post, launching emacs from cygwin There are a few tricks to installing emacs in cygwin. Here’s what I do. Installing cygwin First, install cygwin. Then, install the very nice tool apt-cyg which makes package management much easier in cygwin. Then to save yourself lots of agony of trying to work out…

  • Edit a regex search string in Emacs

    If you are writing a complex regex search in emacs and need to edit the string, arrow keys takes you out of the search. M-e allows you to really edit the string.

  • Swap Registers in emacs calc

    <TAB> to swap theĀ contentsĀ of the last two registers in calc.

  • Select what you typed rather than the completion in ido-mode

    Sometimes you don’t want the completion that ido is offering me in Emacs, for instance when trying to create a temporary buffer C-x C-b sometempbuffername. C-j will to get ido to accept what you typed rather than the completion.

  • Insert a new heading after numbered list in org-mode

    In org-mode in emacs, M-<RET> will add either a new heading or if your insertion point is between a list item and a heading, it will add a new list item. This is not always desirable. To add a new heading try C-U M-<RET>. I only discovered this as I got frustrated with org-mode insisting…

  • removing historical buffer names from the ido buffer list

    ido-mode in emacs has this great feature where it remembers old buffers you have had open in the past and offers then as choices when switching buffer using C-x b. The problem is that sometimes it will have names in the list you’d rather it didn’t remember. The solution is easy, simply hit C-k to…

  • gnus, imap and gnutls in win32

    I’ve been trying to get gnus working in emacs in win32 for the past few days. There were a number of obstacles to overcome: Install gnutls The gnus README.w32 says gnutls should be installed and in the path. I found that it must be in the windows system path to make it work. Setting the…