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  • Clock Part 3

    Clock Part 3

    I finally finished the outer case of my clock. Only 19 layers of 3mm acrylic stacked on top of each other. I built a finger slot into the back of the clock so it’s easier to carry, but also to house the barrel jack for mounting the clock flush to the wall, allowong me to hide…

  • Clock Part 2

    Previously‚Ķ A bit more progress on my clock. I installed the dirty pink gel filter to increase the contrast ratio of the 7 segment displays, and started cutting the final case out of red 101 acrylic. Lots of laminations.  

  • Howto quickly find your Beaglebone Black’s IP address

    Howto quickly find your Beaglebone Black’s IP address

    Whenever I connect my Beaglebone Black (BBB) to a network, I have to work out it’s IP address so I can ssh into it. This can be tricky. Some of your options are: connect to the serial terminal, or connect over the usb network interface which gives the BBB the address, log in and…

  • Progress on my clock

    Progress on my clock

    I finally wired up the big LEDs and made an acrylic mounting board for all the parts. I laser cut holes in the board and tapped them with an M3 tap. That allowed me to mount the circuit boards directly to the mounting board. I used Dupont connectors to wire everything up which gives a…

  • LED Clock Project

    LED Clock Project

    For a long time I have wanted a bedside clock that would keep accurate time via some external mechanism, and would take care of daylight savings automatically. I eventually decided that the best approach would be to use a wifi enabled device and use the NTP protocol for keeping the time accurate. After wasting several…