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  • Build and install emacssnapshot packages on Debian Stable

    Despite emacssnapshot only providing prebuilt packages for Debian unstable, building and installing the packages on stable is quite straight forward. I wrote a script to automate it. I’m sure there are better ways to do this, but it works for me. Thanks to twb for feedback on the script. Sorry I was too lazy to […]

  • Uniquify your Buffer Names in emacs with use-package

    Recently I have been working on projects that often have multiple files of the same name. By default emacs doesn’t give much information to help you switch between the buffers of open files of the same name. At the same moment that I was thinking I need to find a solution to this Pragmatic Emacs posted […]

  • Launch emacs from cygwin

    Launch emacs from cygwin

    I have written about about using emacs in cygwin and how to launch emacs from cygwin, but I had some problems with the batch file approach in that emacs’ path differ from bash’s. Then ack fails to work from within emacs which makes me sad. After googling around a bit, I saw a few suggestion that trie to fix the […]

  • typing mathematical symbols into emacs using the TeX input method

    typing mathematical symbols into emacs using the TeX input method

    You can type mathematical symbols into emacs using the TeX input method. C-\ TeX <enter> \ohm \therefore \pi C-\ will toggle the input method on and off. Note the \ indicator in the bottom left of the status bar.

  • Emacs: yank a line multiple times from the kill ring

    Emacs: yank a line multiple times from the kill ring

    Today I needed to copy a line multiple times in emacs. I needed 8 copies, but how to do that in emacs short of pressing C-y to yank 8 times? My initial guess was to try C-u 8 C-y but that yanks the 8th item from the kill ring. Fuco on #emacs supplied the awesome […]

  • Launching cygwin emacs from native win32 programs

    My business’s accounting program, which I’ll call Canopus, has issues. One of which is that it assumes wordpad.exe will be in c:\windows. As far as I know, Microsoft moved wordpad.exe’s default location away from c:\windows about 20 years ago. Canopus live in hope that it will be there so installing Canopus always requires one to […]

  • Project Euler No. 2 in Emacs elisp

    My second Project Euler solution. Project Euler No. 2 This was a little tougher to solve than No. 1. I decided to use recursion to solve it, and as I haven’t had to write anything that used recursion since I was at Uni, it took me a while go remember how to do it. Also, […]

  • emacs elisp first attempts

    For a long time I have wanted to learn elisp in emacs. I tried the various tutorials but I get bored of them too quickly. Too many words not enough action for me. I was reminded of Project Euler by Daniel Silverstone so I thought I’d have a crack at one of the problems. No. […]

  • installing emacs in cygwin

    Update: See my other post, launching emacs from cygwin There are a few tricks to installing emacs in cygwin. Here’s what I do. Installing cygwin First, install cygwin. Then, install the very nice tool apt-cyg which makes package management much easier in cygwin. Then to save yourself lots of agony of trying to work out […]

  • OAuth 2.0 in emacs – Part 1

    I want to write something in emacs to let me edit WordPress posts directly. There is of course the blogger-mode in emacs, but I’ve never managed to make that work. Then I noticed that JetPack in WordPress has a JSON interface. Supposedly it will let me do stuff to my blog via a REST interface. […]