Linuxconf 2013

Two guys I met at Linuxconf 2013

I just got back from having an amazing week at LCA2013. That was my first LCA and I was really not quite sure what to expect. It turned out to be an amazing experience. I met so man really smart people, learnt a lot and generally got exposed to all sorts of new ideas and… Continue reading Linuxconf 2013

Indenting of comments in emacs-lisp mode

Emacs-lisp mode indents comments based on the number of semi-colons prefixing them. One semi-colon indents to column 40. Two semi-colons indent to the same level as the block you are in. Three semi-colons indent to wherever you place it and don’t move if you press <TAB> ;;; column: ;;;34567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 ; one semi-colon (when (some case)… Continue reading Indenting of comments in emacs-lisp mode

emacs keyboard macros

If you haven’t explored the power of keyboard macros in emacs, you should. You only need to remember a few keys to get going: <F3> Start recording a macro <F4> End recording a macro C-x e to repeat the macro Give it a go!

Emacs Rocks videos

Magnar from @emacsrocks has produced some really nice emacs demos. They confirm my emacs tragic status. I hope to one day be 1/10th as good as Magnar. I found the video about multiple-cursors particularly fascinating. In fact all the videos are mind-blowing!