Category: Emacs

  • bash-ido – ido-mode for bash

    bash-ido mimics what ido-mode does in emacs.

  • Insert a new heading after numbered list in org-mode

    In org-mode in emacs, M-<RET> will add either a new heading or if your insertion point is between a list item and a heading, it will add a new list item. This is not always desirable. To add a new heading try C-U M-<RET>. I only discovered this as I got frustrated with org-mode insisting […]

  • removing historical buffer names from the ido buffer list

    ido-mode in emacs has this great feature where it remembers old buffers you have had open in the past and offers then as choices when switching buffer using C-x b. The problem is that sometimes it will have names in the list you’d rather it didn’t remember. The solution is easy, simply hit C-k to […]

  • gnus, imap and gnutls in win32

    I’ve been trying to get gnus working in emacs in win32 for the past few days. There were a number of obstacles to overcome: Install gnutls The gnus README.w32 says gnutls should be installed and in the path. I found that it must be in the windows system path to make it work. Setting the […]

  • Converting lines of text into a numbered list in org-mode

    Recently I had a list of things in a org buffer that I wanted to turn into a numbered list but couldn’t find an elegant way to do it. The solution I came up with was to use a regex-replace to insert 1. in front of each line. Then I used org-mode’s C-c C-c to […]

  • Delete white space around insertion point in emacs

    A while ago I discovered M-\ deletes white space between point and text. Now I just discovered M-spc replaces tabs and spaces around point with just 1 space. M-SPC runs the command just-one-space, which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `simple.el’. It is bound to M-SPC. (just-one-space &optional N) Delete all spaces and tabs […]

  • Sacha Chua interviews John Wiegley

    Sacha Chua has come up with a great idea of interviewing some of the big names in emacs. Check out her first video where she interviews John Wiegley. They cover some interesting ground. It makes me realise what an emacs amateur I am.

  • change the display font size in emacs

    In emacs 24 C-+ and C– increase and decrease the display font size.

  • Editing files using sudo and emacs

    I often edit config files with: sudo emacs /etc/whatever The problem with that is I would end up with ~ backup files littering my filesystem and also emacs is run as root so it gets root’s config file. I’d rather use emacs with my config. The solution, thanks to emacs-fu is twofold: First set emacs’s […]

  • Fullscreen emacs on OSX

    This works in emacs 24, not sure about previous versions. the keyboard shortcut matches Chrome’s full screen shortcut. ; keyboard shortcut to toggle full screen (global-set-key [s-return] ‘ns-toggle-fullscreen) will define Cmd-return to toggle emacs between full screen and normal – the same shortcut as for chrome.