Insert a new heading after numbered list in org-mode

In org-mode in emacs, M-<RET> will add either a new heading or if your insertion point is between a list item and a heading, it will add a new list item. This is not always desirable. To add a new heading try C-U M-<RET>. I only discovered this as I got frustrated with org-mode insisting […]

removing historical buffer names from the ido buffer list

ido-mode in emacs has this great feature where it remembers old buffers you have had open in the past and offers then as choices when switching buffer using C-x b. The problem is that sometimes it will have names in the list you’d rather it didn’t remember. The solution is easy, simply hit C-k to […]

Delete white space around insertion point in emacs

A while ago I discovered M-\ deletes white space between point and text. Now I just discovered M-spc replaces tabs and spaces around point with just 1 space. M-SPC runs the command just-one-space, which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `simple.el’. It is bound to M-SPC. (just-one-space &optional N) Delete all spaces and tabs […]

Fullscreen emacs on OSX

This works in emacs 24, not sure about previous versions. the keyboard shortcut matches Chrome’s full screen shortcut. ; keyboard shortcut to toggle full screen (global-set-key [s-return] ‘ns-toggle-fullscreen)</code>; keyboard shortcut to toggle full screen (global-set-key [s-return] ‘ns-toggle-fullscreen)</code> will define Cmd-return to toggle emacs between full screen and normal – the same shortcut as for chrome.