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  • Apache [warn] RSA server certificate CommonName (CN) does NOT match server name!?

    Apache was giving me lots of errors like this on my host that has multiple virtual hosts on it. After a little investigation it turned out the CN in the certificate was set to www.domain but the vhost’s ServerName was set to www-less.The solution turned out to be to ensure the vhost ServerName == the…

  • How to factory reset a Yealink phone

    If you ever need to do a factory reset on a Yealink phone, maybe if you forgot the admin password, simply hold the OK key down for 10 seconds and follow the prompts. Thanks to Langineers for that tip.

  • LED Clock Project

    LED Clock Project

    For a long time I have wanted a bedside clock that would keep accurate time via some external mechanism, and would take care of daylight savings automatically. I eventually decided that the best approach would be to use a wifi enabled device and use the NTP protocol for keeping the time accurate. After wasting several…

  • My uranium mug is not radioactive

    My uranium mug is not radioactive

    My new uranium mug isn’t radioactive

  • LED down light comparison website –

    LED down light comparison website –

    I’ve wanted a reliable source of information on LED light bulbs for a long time. Well apparently it does exist. have brief reviews and comparisons of many blubs and it seems to be done in a nice scientific way.   Image By Mcapdevila [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

  • Windows 7 Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver

    Microsoft have made it virtually impossible to find out how to get this driver for Windows 7. If you are getting the error “You must first install the current version of the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver”, you need to download this driver and install it. Tthe file you are after is called VFPODBC.msi and can be downloaded directly from Microsoft…

  • Top 3 tips for migrating a server to a virtual machine

    I recently migrated a server to a virtual machine, and while it was mostly a smooth process, I did encounter a couple of problems. Ensure that any licensing services will run on the new virtual hardware. Our accounting system’s license server wouldn’t run until it was set up with new licenses. Check date and time…

  • How to make a bootable usb stick in Windows 7 of a debian iso

    Every so often I need to make a bootable USB stick in Windows 7 (64 bit) of a debian installer iso. For some reason my googling usually does not reveal a simple solution for this. I asked on #debian on the OFTC network and got various suggestions. The first suggestions were to use win32 compiled…

  • Programmatic CAD, OpenSCAD alternatives

    There are quite a few programatic CAD, OpenSCAD alternatives out there. I am collecting a list of them and providing links to them here. The requirements to be included in this list are: Free and libre. They are a programming language as opposed to a GUI. OpenSCAD: The most well known programmatic CAD program. Probably…

  • There will be Emacs Chocolate at the #Emacs Meetup Melbourne

    I decided to make something special for the inaugural Australian emacs meetup. If you want some, come to the Melbourne emacs meetup. Sofia’s Camberwell. 857 Burke Road Camberwell 3124 Victoria, Australia Friday April 26, 2013 6:00 PM