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  • Sydney Harbour

    Sydney Harbour

    A photo I took when I rode over Sydney Harbour Bridge recently

  • I made a braided cord bracelet

    I made a braided cord bracelet. Cordage came from Decathelon Instructions thanks to the WhyKnot YouTube Channel

  • New host

    I migrated to a new host. If you can see this, you are looking at emacstragic on the new host.

  • Automatically lookup amazon books on booko

    Automatically lookup amazon books on booko

    I love books and I love booko. So I decided to help Amazon help me check prices on booko with a little Tampermonkey script. It makes the ISBN-13 on Amazon a clickable link that will open a new tab to booko and search for that ISBN. Give it a go!

  • I am transitioning GPG keys

    —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 I am transitioning GPG keys from an old 4096-bit RSA key to a new 4096-bit RSA key. This transition document is signed with both keys to validate the transition. If you have signed my old key, I would appreciate signatures on my new key as well, provided that your…

  • Waves in the Sydney Skyline

    Lovely clouds over Sydney showing waves in the atmosphere

  • Command Option R on a Windows keyboard

    Today I had to do an OS X internet recovery but I only had a Windows keyboard. Normally the keyboard combination to launch the Internet Recovery on Macs is Cmd+Option+R but I couldn’t find the right combination on the Windows keyboard. After much googling and experimenting, it turns out its Windows+Alt+R

  • Letter to the minister for small business about slow Internet in Australia

    Today I wrote to the minister for small business complaining about the crap Internet in this country. I urge you to write to your MPs also if you think the lack of NBN is a problem. Dear Mr Billson, I’d just like to express my concern over the woeful state of Internet in Australia. As…

  • I wrote to Turnbull to complain about the lack of NBN. Here is his reply

    After traveling to New Zealand for #lca2015 and experiencing fibre to the home at my friends house, I decided to write to Malcolm Turnbull to express my concern about the slow rollout of the NBN in Australia. He actually personally replied directly to my email only 4 hours later. In the interest of openness I…

  • I just donated to Wikipedia

    After reading a blog post from someone who donated to Wikipedia because they use it a lot, I realised I use it a lot too, so I decided to donate too. Unfortunately I can’t quite remember who’s post it was, but thank you whoever you are! I donated $30. You should too if you like…