Putting ESPHome on Arlec Smart Plug In Socket

I got some of these Arlec Smart Plug In Sockets from Bunnings. Apparently they are Tuya devices but I decided to take the brute force approach to putting ESPHome on the.

First challenge was getting the tri point screw out. I had to buy a special screwdriver for this.

tri point screw in arlect smart plug
They don’t really want you opening these

Once I got the screws out, it was easy to unclip the case and open it.

After tracing the circuit, I decided to solder wires to the board and connect them to my USB->Serial adapter. The only tricky part was that you have to hold GPIO0 at ground when you power up the esp8266 to get it into flash mode. I just held a wire on the tiny GPIO0 pad on the TYWE2S.

wires soldered to circuitboard to enable flashing
wires soldered to circuit board to enable flashing

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  1. Would you ever put together a comprehensive guide on modding these? It’s been so annoying finding that I cannot easily code a way to control them with my Python projects. Unlike how you can control the TP-Link products.

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