D-Link Duds: The Case for Choosing Better Tech Brands



A few years ago I invested around AU$700 in a D-Link DWM-312 4G LTE Dual SIM M2M VPN Router for use as our fail-over for internet. It never worked at the time but it was not really necessary as we also had another option. Recently I tried to reinstate it. It’s terrible. the UI frequently breaks, and even when it does have connection, it would randomly crash and drop connection requiring a power cycle to restart it.

And sometimes it would take 2-3 power cycles before it would come back up.

Also no decent firmware updates either to fix it. It’s not like it was a cheap bit of hardware. I expect more for my money D-Link!

So – that’s it for me. No more D-Link devices.

My networking guy put me onto the Nokia 5g FastMile devices. I got a 5G-24W-A from Ebay for $165 delivered. I had a few issues getting it going due to the APN not being detected. Once I put the correct APN in, all was good.


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