Anzac Day post

Well, here I am at the end of a long weekend, the Anzac long weekend to be more accurate. we did a number of things this weekend. Probably the highlight was seeing The Cat Empire. I had heard of them before and Maissa saw them at Womad a few years ago and had been raving about them, but I have to say, they were pretty good, one of the best bands I have seen on stage in quite a while. The energy they put into the performance was quite astounding. How would I describe them? Well, I would say they are a mix of Latin, Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, Reggae and Ska (not necessarily in that order).
Then we went to the Inaugural Balmain Acoustic Music Festival, and I have to say that was rather nice too. Very pleasant park, not too crowded, nice atmosphere and great music. We saw among others, Big Wheel, The Back Sliders, Monsieur Camembert and Kristina Olsen.
We also dropped by Damian’s place to see his new lack of wall.
Dropped by Mark and Yukiko’s to see the new addition to their family. She is very cute. She even has a blue bum! amazing. They looked pretty good. Quite relaxed I thought, although I think they weren’t so relaxed just after she was born.
Anyway, that’s about it for this post which was inspired by Brendan’s blog. Thanks Brendan. And because Brendan had a pretty graph on his site, I’m going to put one up too. You can’t get much purer than a sine wave, so without further ado…
a sine wave


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