Linuxconf 2013

Jason Lewis, Willi and another person standing outside a buildoing on Mt Stromlo
Two guys I met at Linuxconf 2013

I just got back from having an amazing week at LCA2013. That was my first LCA and I was really not quite sure what to expect. It turned out to be an amazing experience. I met so man really smart people, learnt a lot and generally got exposed to all sorts of new ideas and software.
Some of the highlights were:

  1. Sir Tim Berners Lee.
  2. Meeting kernel hackers.
  3. Meeting Joey Hess as I backed his kickstarter.
  4. Finding out about Apache OFBiz
  5. Seeing Paul Fenwick give several presentations. Here are some of his videos on youtube.
  6. Organising the emacs BoF.
  7. Realising that I’m not the only emacs user in Australia.
  8. The Penguin Dinner on Mt Stromlo.

There were many other great and inspiring things. Too many to list. All I can say is I hope I can make it to LCA2014 in Perth.

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