The Louvre

Today we went to the Louvre. The most impressive thing about the Louvre is its size. Its massive. Its quite difficult even to decide what to look at or for. We decided to do the tour, but we had to wait two and a half hours to get on the next tour, so in the mean time we just wandered around a bit. I found it really quite meaningless wandering around without any information on what we were looking at. We headed off to the Italian painting section to see if we could see any Caravaggio’s. I was quite dissapointed that they only have three, and they weren’t particularly interesting ones either imho.
The funniest thing though was the poor 18yo american girl who had obviously just finished reading The da Vinci Code, who asked the guide if we would be passing by da Vinici’s Last Supper. The guide responded in a rather pompous french accent “No, of course not, The Last Supper is a fresco in Milan, so we will not be passing by it on this tour” but the girl was undetered, she asked if maybe the Louvre has a copy of it? and the guide said, with obvious distain in her voice “This is the Louvre! We do not have copies here, we only have originals!”


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