Italian style

I have a theory about Italian style. You see, they love style and there is no denying that they produce some of the most stylish designs of our century, but some times, they seem to come up woth something that is so ugly it defies words. The Fiat Multipla is one of those things. When I first saw this monster (in Paris) I felt sure it was a French car, but then, when I realised it was an Italian car, was horrified. My theory is that in style, the Italians push the limit. They walk the knife edge of stylish, and when the go that little bit too far, it all come crashing down in a heap. I saw a few examples of this while we were in Italy. They hotel we stayed in had a bathroom tiled in poo brown tiles with a 15 watt bulb lighting the room. Other examples were their clothing. Often, I was quite old people wearing outfits that only teenagers could get away with.
I guess these downfalls in style go hand in hand with the good style, you can’t have one without the other.


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