Coffee in Italy

I don’t know what it is about Italy and coffee, but they seem to go so well together. For instance, for breakfast, we would have a little pastry and a machiato standing up at the bar. It’s quick and tasty and gets you going in the morning. There was a huge queue of people waiting for their coffee’s like this. And there was a lot of Barista’s behind the bar, making the coffees as quick as they could. We loved the coffee in Italy. The thick black drop of liquid at the bottom of the cup that explodes in your mouth with the first sip.
On our last day in Bologna, for some reason Maissa and I decided to have a latte and a cappuccino respectively for breakfast, but shortly after breakfast, we both found ourselves craving the espresso taste, like the milky coffee’s hadn’t quite satisfied us. There was nothing for it but to go to another bar and get an espresso, which we did.


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