Yesterday we went to the Rodin museum. I as a little reluctant to go at first because I had been before, but when we got there, I have to admit, I was yet again impressed by his sculptures.
We decided to take a guide thing. It was one of those electronic self guide things where you type the number in and it tells you abou the exhibit. The first thing we saw was The Gate to Hell. I was really impressed by it, again. I had forgotten how evocative his sculptures are. I guess thats why he is a master. The detail of The Gate gives a very strong impression of turmoil and violence while it still has a kind of rhythm to the work.
The next thing I found fantastic was The Kiss. To me, it really gives the impression of the two lovers about to kiss. I can really feel the tension between them, its quite amazing. I have heard others who consider it over rated, but I have to disagree.
Rodin was really prolific. The meuseum is full of his work, and I’m sure there must be lots of works outside of the meuseum too.
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  1. Stephen Avatar

    Hey man … while you are there you should see if you can check out some of the stuff that’s bee going on underground … see this guardian article on some strange stuff going on under the streets of Paris underground cinema!
    Good to see you are having fun.

  2.  Avatar

    The picture of the gate of hell was too small to see any real detail & there was no picture of the kiss – very dissappointing…!
    I loved the travelator though..

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