We have been spending the last few days in Italy at a trade show called SANA. The show has been good, but the best part has been hanging out with Andreas and Michaela from African Pacific. They have been taking us to these real Italian restaurants to experience some of the wonderful Italian food.
Last night we went to this place called “Cantina Bentivoglio, con cucina” which basicaly means Wine vendor with kitchen attached. This is the place to go to experience wine and have a bit of food while your there. The restaurant was simple inside, but with a wide picture rail going around the rooms, and the rail was filled with hundreds of empty bottles of wine, all different shapes and sizes, makes and models. You could tell this place specialises in wine just from that. We sat down and we ordered some simple dishes of mozerella, cold meats, olive oil and bread, and bruscetta. The taste of these dishes alone was enough to blow you away, but Andreas and Michela ordered this amazing sparkling red wine. Slightly sweet and full bodied, it was the perfect thing to wash down the entree. Then for main course, I had this sort of bean and pasta soup that was delicious. Real home cooking kind of thing. By this stage we were onto our second bottle of wine and beginning to feel very jolly. I think it was the wine that was affecting us, as we were starting to talk louder and lounder with more and more hand movements, just like the Italians. We felt right at home there.


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