Letter to the minister for small business about slow Internet in Australia

Today I wrote to the minister for small business complaining about the crap Internet in this country. I urge you to write to your MPs also if you think the lack of NBN is a problem.

Dear Mr Billson,
I’d just like to express my concern over the woeful state of Internet in Australia.
As a small business owner, I’m finding it prohibitively expensive to get a decent Internet connection for my business and since the government scuttled the NBN its looking increasingly like fast Internet is basically only for big businesses or people with a lot of money.
Please can you do something to get cheap fast Internet for small business?
I did write to Mr Turnbull about this and the best he could come up with was to blame Labor. I’m sick of hearing excuses. I need action in order for my business to remain viable and continue providing employment to Australian Tax Payers. Fast and cheap Internet is part of what I need to do that.
Thanks for listening



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