Coffee in Italy

I don’t know what it is about Italy and coffee, but they seem to go so well together. For instance, for breakfast, we would have a little pastry and a machiato standing up at the bar. It’s quick and tasty and gets you going in the morning. There was a huge queue of people waiting… Continue reading Coffee in Italy


We have been spending the last few days in Italy at a trade show called SANA. The show has been good, but the best part has been hanging out with Andreas and Michaela from African Pacific. They have been taking us to these real Italian restaurants to experience some of the wonderful Italian food. Last… Continue reading Italy


Yesterday we went to the Rodin museum. I as a little reluctant to go at first because I had been before, but when we got there, I have to admit, I was yet again impressed by his sculptures. We decided to take a guide thing. It was one of those electronic self guide things where… Continue reading Rodin

Salvador Dali

In the end, we decided to go to the Dali museum at Monmatre. Monmatre is a really beautiful part of paris with its cobled streets and winding roads that lead up the hill. We took the fernicula as we had travel passes and wandered around to the museam. It’t not really a huge museum, but… Continue reading Salvador Dali

Welcome to Paris

We arrived in Paris nearly a week ago. Time is flying now. Paris is beautiful as usual. And I must admit that it feels good to be here after Lebanon. The weather is much more tolerable here. Lovely cool evenings with nice sunny days. Last night I went for a bike ride with Patrick and… Continue reading Welcome to Paris

Trip to the islands

On Saturday we went on a trip to the islands off Tripoli. I was a little aprehensive of being stuck on an island but I have to say, it was great. We were supposed to head off early in the morning, but 10 o’clock turned into 11, which turned into 12 and we finaly left… Continue reading Trip to the islands

Land of contrast

I have to say, that Lebanon is a land of contrasts. I read that in the Lonely Planet guide and its really true. Mountains by sea, rich next to poor, expensive cars driving beside the most claped out car you have ever seen. Its all here, and compressed into a tiny space. Beirut is bustling… Continue reading Land of contrast